EAHRO Reporting Procedures


Some Human rights violators believe  that they may be immunized by political, Diplomatic or Security posts, unless they find themselves behind bars facing trails outside their Homelands.

 EAHRO Legal Team treats Human Rights violations Cases seriously, and never rest in Peace until bring the Violators to Justice.

EAHRO Human Rights Reporting Procedures

The European African Human Rights Organization EAHRO may takes the following  procedures:-

1- Once a complaint is been received,  EAHRO examine whether there are Human Rights violations in accordance to the international Human Rights Law.

2- The examination process may take the Flowing procedures:-

a) The Examination of the legal documents supporting your claim.

b) Investigating the Case by our Legal experts.

c) Collecting Information including names of persons involved in the Violation by our organization intelligent Service in cooperation with other International and regional Human Rights Organizations.

3- Once the violation is established:-

EAHRO will take the following Actions:

a) We communicate with your local Authorities where the violation had taken place and asks them to suspend immediately the violation or violations.

b) In case the local authorities ignored our first communication, a warning will be issued and a report will be sent to the higher Governmental Authorities.

C) In case the Local Authorities together with the Higher Governmental Authorities has ignored our warning:-

d) A communications will be advertised locally and internationally in order to dispose the Violations of human rights commuted on the defender, including News Papers and Media, and the Name of the Violator will be published in our website.

e) A Criminal Report will be lodge to the Police Departments in each of the EU States and each of the African Countries states to arrest the Human Rights Violators involved in the Case, on arrival to any of the Europeans or Africans States.*

*Please note that: the violator will be subjected to arrest even if He, She or they are carrying a diplomatic Passport and that due to the fact that under international Law the Crime of Human Rights Violation waives any immunity including State sovereignty, Political and Diplomatic immunity.

f) The Organization will refer the Case to be heard in front of your first Hall local Court.

g) If the First Hall Court decides not to proceed with the Case an appeal will be lodged to the Court of appeal.

h) In case of losing of the Case in front of the Court of appeal a new appeal will be lodged to the Constitution Court.

i) In Case the Constitution Court refused your Case or decision was not in your favor, a report will be lodged to the European Court of Human Rights, or to the African Court of Human rights demanding the Case to be heard in front of one of those two Courts.

We assure you that our International Team of Volunteers Lawyers is among the Best Legal experts in the field of International Criminal and Human Rights Laws, and that we treat any Claim seriously.

The European African Human Rights Organization (EAHRO)

Legal Team