Human Rights Violations Reporting Procedures

We encourage Human Rights Victims and their Representatives to send their claims to the European African Human Rights Organization by Emails.

Our Human Rights Reporting Procedures


1- Once your complain been received, we examine whether or not there are violations of your human rights according to your local law or to international law.

2- The examination process may take different methods, including:

a) Examining your legal documents supporting your claim,

b) Investigating the case on ground by our representatives.

c) Collecting Information by our resources including names of persons involved in the Violation.

3- Once the violation is established,

EAHRO will take the following Actions:

a) Communicate with the local authorities with first warning, demanding immediate stop of the violations.

b) In case the local authorities ignored our first warning, a second warning is Issue and a report to be send to the necessary higher government authorities.

C) In case the Local authorities together with the higher Governmental authority has ignored our second warning:-

d) a communications will be advertised locally and internationally in order to dispose those violations of human rights commuted on the defender, including News Papers and Media.

e) a Criminal Report will be lodge to the police departments in each of the EU States and each of the African Countries states to arrest the Human Rights Violators involved in the Case, once they travel to any of those States.

f) The Organization will act to refer your Case to be heard in front of your first Hall local Court.

g) If the First Hall Court Case is lost in the First Hall Court an appeal to the appeal Court will be lodged.

h) In case of losing of the Case in front of the appeal Court an appeal will be lodged to the Country Constitution Court.

i) In Case of losing in front of the Constitution Courts, a report will be lodged to the European court of Human Rights, or to the African Courts of Human rights.


We assure you that our International volunteers Lawyers are among the Best expert Legal Consultants in the field of International Criminal and Human Rights Laws.


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